Why Choose Talent 27:2?

Have you ever been at a social gathering and heard someone consistently using "I" and "Me"? Essentially, his or her conversation is all about "look at me"?

Well, at Talent 27:2 we believe that others would rather hear about what you're doing and how talented you are by way of someone else speaking for you.

Proverbs 27:2 says "Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth; an outsider, and not your own lips."

Essentially we are that "outsider" - we want to promote your work to time-starved industry pros seeking to learn more about YOU!

Here is a list of features and a corresponding benefit:

  • Performance Update
    • Benefit: time-starved industry professionals can quickly learn of your latest gig or job via our Social Media pages.
      • You may have heard how actors, prior to the Internet, used to buy, write and send post-cards to industry professionals informing them of their latest play, Film or TV project. This feature replaces that time-honored, but slow-paced communication.
  • Robust Profile Pages
    • Benefit: all the features of your own web site, but much, much, much less costlier.
  • Search-able Profile Pages
    • Benefit: time-starved industry pros can use detailed search parameters to find you!
  • Profile Pages are public
    • Benefit: industry pros and media find you faster.
      • Note: pages can be made private if so desired.
  • Talent 27:2 is a monitored site
    • Benefit: you are connected with other professional talent, not just anyone who "thinks" he or she should be a performance artist...and time-starved industry pros like that.
  • Members can "share" their profile pages
    • Benefit: industry pros receive an email with your profile photo, a personal message from you and a link to your full page.
  • Resources page
    • Benefit: you get quality information from respected sources
  • Member Discounts
    • Benefit: you, your family and even pets, can shave off up to 80% from the price of prescription drugs.
  • Audition or job Postings
    • Benefit: when an audition or job is posted, if you are following the audition pages, you get an email alert.
  • Upload videos, voice files, photos, resumes
    • Benefit: no extra fees for uploading, quantity and quality is only limited be our standards.
  • Photo albums
    • Benefit: arrange the photos that will help you get an audition or hired into albums to show different characters, etc.
  • Photo or video search
    • Benefit: with proper tagging, your photo appears in a search instantly. Example: if you upload a photo of doctor's scrubs and you have the search tag "scrubs" included in your photo-page, that photo will display on the IP's search results for "scrubs".
  • Actor Flash!
    • Benefit: ask other members questions, seek advice all privately shown to members only.
  • $15.95 per year ($6.95 if you join by May. 31, 2018)
    • Benefit: lower than any other fee-for-service talent site.

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