Our Mission & Pledge To You

Our Mission:

To provide an easy, reliable, moderated and inexpensive promotional network for actors, models, voice artists and event entertainers to assist each other, learn and promote their talents via Social Media to industry professionals such as casting directors, producers, filmmakers, companies and media to learn about, find and contact them.

1) Value. To use the site as a method to promote your talents and to promote your work to time-starved industry pros (casting companies, directors, producers, companies, photographers, etc.) In addition, while I hope you enjoy each others company and use it to share ideas, events, acting tips, please remember Talent 27:2 is for you to promote your talents, not to be "social." Please use Facebook, etc. for this service.

2) Clear Benefit. I will maintain the site with emphasis on allowing you to promote yourself and us promoting YOU. What does this mean? A few things are:

  • Promoting the site
  • Showing members how they can use their 'page' to promote their work
  • Promoting members' Performance Updates to BAA's Social Media.
  • Showing time-starved industry pros (IPs) how to use the site to find talent.

3) Site Features. Although much of this has to do with the features created or offered by Ning, I try to show and promote the benefits for members.

4) Usability. Giving you the ability to create, share and exchange content. Again, much of this has to do with the features offered by Ning, so if you see a need for a feature let me or them know! Note: as long as your content does not contain "objectionable material." (see #8)

5) Frequent monitoring of the site. I will monitor to the best of my ability, to keep this site morally on cue. Meaning if I cannot show it nor explain it to my young kids, I most likely will not allow it. I will also do my best to ensure whoever joins is an actor/actress, print model or voice-over artist, not someone just having fun. For instance, a gentleman from Bucharest, Romania applied to join. There were 2 reasons why he was not approved 1) he was not from the area and 2) links from his personal web site were border-line pornographic.

7) Requirements for Membership. New Members must demonstrate their sincerity to the craft of acting, modeling or voice-overs by, including but not limited to:
· Uploading an 8 x 10 professional or quality photo (headshot) uploaded as their Profile Photo. Exceptions: voice over talent: those who wish to promote their voice only. I provide a special microphone for these members.
· Showing effort (taking classes, auditioning, creating VO demos, community theater, etc.) or obtaining work for the past year.
· Upload a resume to your Profile Page.
· Provide a full name. Unless you’re Cher or Madonna, a casting agent will want a complete name.
· And anything else we deem necessary for your to show professionalism and get found by those who hire us!

8) Objectionable Material. This is very subjective…by me. If I feel any items (photos, videos, blogs, etc.) a member uploads is objectionable – by this I mean from generally acceptable moral principles (the God factorJ), the item does not flatter the actor (i.e. detracts from the actor’s talent), would insult another actor, producer, casting agent or my kids.
"Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen" (Eph 4:29-30).

Please review how videos and photos are reviewed here.

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