How We Promote You

Once you've been approved and your profile page enhanced to welcome time-starved Industry Pros* and entertainment enthusiasts**... the fun begins!

  1. When something exciting happens in your career about which a time-starved industry pro*,  media outlet, entertainment enthusiast or even your parents would want to know, then head right to the Performance Update feature on the Main page.
  2. Type your exciting news in the field (How to best write a Performance Update?)
  3. Click "upload".
  4. We then take your Performance Update from Talent272 and post it to our Social Media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Sit back and know that your latest Performance Update is now available for many to read!

*advertising executives, talent managers, casting directors, producers, directors...anyone who could hire you or call you for an audition!

**fans, family, film buffs, etc.

Other Methods We Employ to Promote Your Work:

  • Posting demo reels to our Social Media accounts
  • Posting acting clips to our Social Media accounts
  • Posting monologues to our Social Media accounts
  • Posting new members
  • and more.
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