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Join and be accepted by December 31, 2018:

  • Your annual fee will be only $7.95 for as long as your profile is current!

Talent 27:2 is:

1. A self-service site for professional actors to:

  • Promote their work and talents to industry professionals (IPs), entertainment enthusiasts, media, fans, etc. Click here to learn more.
  • Create profile pages for IPs to find and learn about them.
    • Each actor's page needs to reflect their talents and professionalism as an actor, model or voice artist, just like other professional acting web sites.
  • To learn, experience and share their knowledge.

2. A site for time-starved industry professionals (IPs) such as casting directors, companies, directors, agents, film makers, media, etc. to:

  • Keep updated on members' latest performances by 'following' or 'liking' using Talent 27:2's Social Media connections.
  • Find, review and contact talent.

3. A wholly owned division or subsidiary of Corp. Click here for more information.

Talent 27:2 is not:

1. A place for sharing photos, videos, stories, blogs, etc "a la Facebook" that do not promote your talents nor help you get hired or called for an audition.

2. An employment agency. We can offer no guaranty of obtaining acting or any other work. However, you will get out of this site, what you put into it.

Note: just being in a commercial or movie, especially as background, does not necessarily make you an actor and may not be sufficient for acceptance on Talent 27:2.

Annual Fee:

  • Adults: $15.95
  • Minors: $19.95
    • NE Actor Members: $10.95

If you're approved, an email is sent to the email address you provide (check your spam filters!) indicating any enhancements that are needed for final approval; you'll have 7 days to complete the enhancements and set-up the recurring annual charge.

If your profile page does not require any enhancements, an email is sent with a link to the payment page. You will need your credit card handy. We use PayPal to process the monthly fee.

Ready to Apply?

Please read and have READY the following:

To keep the site as professional as possible for the industry professionals using the site to find talent, your profile can be suspended if your page lacks any of the following:

1) In most cases, a full name (first & last), is required. Unless you're Bono, Cher, Madonna or Gandhi, anyone seeking to contact you will want to know your full name and may even search on it.

2) The person submitting the profile must be at least 18 years of age; Parents: Bradley will call you after you've submitted your child's profile. You may also call him at 508-651-7900.

3) A professional looking head-shot (8x10) to upload as your Profile Photo. This is the first item someone sees when reviewing your page, it must show your professionalism as an actor (an amateur photo is not appropriate).

The profile photo is only 175x175 pixels. Your head-shot should be edited (which you can do on the site) to show as much of your face as possible.

Note: not uploading a photo will result in your profile being automatically declined, unless you're a Voice Artist only.

4) The town or city in which you currently reside. Parents of minors please do NOT include your town.

5) Actor's or Agent's Contact Info: email address and phone number in this format:


Phone: 555-555-5555

If you are a parent creating a profile for your child, please put your name and contact information, not your child’s, into this field. Please call Bradley at 508-651-7900 for more information.

6) The URL (web address) of your acting web site (optional). Examples include: Agency Pro, NY Casting, Actors Access, IMDb, iActor, or even a dedicated "fan" page on Facebook (see example here).

  • What is not appropriate: any site that is not dedicated to you as an actor. Including, but not limited to:
    • Personal Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube or any non-acting work or corporate sites.


7) Age Range: your real age look. NOT what you think you could look like with makeup. Note: Industry Pros expect a 5-year range up and down from your real age. Any additional years and they can get skittish.

8) To display your PHYSICAL TRAITS, copy and paste the appropriate section below:
Note: for "Voice Artists Only", just type this phrase "Voice Artist Only".

Format for Men:

Portray-able Ethnic Group or Culture: Hispanic, East European, Jamaican, Dutch, Italian, Finnish, Spanish, Greek, Middle Eastern, etc.
Hair length:
Hair color:
Body Markings:
Build or Body Style:
Fluent Languages:
Special Wardrobe:

[highlight above this line to copy and paste into a guy's Physical Traits field]

Format for Women

Portray-able Ethnic Group or Culture: Hispanic, East European, Jamaican, Dutch, Italian, Finnish, Spanish, Greek, Middle Eastern, etc.
Hair length:
Hair color:
Body Markings:
Build or Body Style:
Language Fluency:
Special Wardrobe:

[highlight above this line to copy and paste into a gal's Physical Traits field]

9) Performance Skills: Check the box to the left of each performance skill that you possess. Each skill you check-off should be truly easy and natural for you to perform.

10) Experience Field: a listing of your noteworthy acting work. Please do not only write "See Resume," "Upon Request" or another Web site, as Casting Directors, producers etc. will not want to spend additional time to see your experience (after writing your experience, you certainly my add a link to your resume or another web site).

You may show background work, but just background work, school, church or unknown video productions (i.e. amateur) may not be sufficient. Include production names, directors, dates and your role.

Do not write phrases, sentences or paragraphs.

Use the following format - copy/paste the following into your Experience field.

INSERT MOVIE HERE....Role: your character....year....Dir. [insert name of director].

"insert TV show"....Role: your character....year...Dir. [insert name of director].

"insert production name here"....Role: your character....Stage Name Here....Dir. [Name]

Company Name....Role: character....Production Co. or Director here

Corporate Educationals (Industrials)
Company Name....Role: character....Production Co. or Director here

[end of copy/paste]

11) Training (optional): List of any acting classes (name of teacher, casting director, etc). This is not a prerequisite, but certainly enhances a profile that may be lacking experience.

12) Any other work, charities, events, etc. in which you're involved outside of acting, voice or modeling. Why? shows a little bit more about you and perhaps some film project needs this an actual type of worker or person.

13) Voice Artists Only Field (optional): if you are a Voice Artist you will be required to upload your professionally made demo MP3 to your page, join the Voice Talent Group and add descriptive 1-word characteristics in this field.

If you are NOT a professional voice artist or do NOT have a professionally made demo, please leave this field empty.

Other Stuff:

Please do NOT type in all capital letters. This is considered "yelling" and it also makes it difficult to read for the person visiting your page.

By submitting a profile you acknowledge that you have read our Terms of Service and Privacy Statements. Note: your profile, by default, is public this allows for the majority of our industry pros to find you quickly and without logging in. If you wish to keep your page "private" so only those who are logged-in can contact you, you may do this under your page's Settings/Privacy.


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